Win the full McDonald’s Monopoly prizes at the start of the game today using VIP tickets


Monopoly begins on Wednesday (August 25) after a two-year absence that saw the popular game being canceled for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic

McDonald’s is finally bringing Monopoly back

McDonald’s Monopoly is restarting today after it was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the popular game, the fast food giant is giving away its first VIP loyalty cards, with which the lucky owner receives a free medium meal every week for a whole year.

McDonald’s had already confirmed that it will give away 1,000 of them when Monopoly returns for six weeks.

Maccies also revealed what other prizes are up for grabs, including £ 100,000, an Ibiza villa or a UK getaway, and Lay-Z spa hot tubs.

Monopoly starts this Wednesday August 25th


MC Donalds)

In 2019, some of the top Monopoly prizes included £ 100,000 cash (four given away), a Mini Cooper car (20 given away), £ 2,000 vacation bonus (50 given away), and a PlayStation 4 console (650 given away).

Smaller prizes – and those easier to come by – included medium-sized McDonald’s meals (2,000,000 given away) and a £ 50 voucher to Boohoo (18,000 given away).

Monopoly has had a two-year absence because of the coronavirus pandemic, which was canceled for the first time in 2020.

Maccies should start the promotion shortly before the closure of all 1,350 stores on March 23rd last year.

It was then supposed to be brought back in March 2021 but has been postponed due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

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How do you play McDonalds Monopoly?

The game essentially mimics the classic Monopoly board, with customers being able to collect tokens that represent streets and train stations.

Once you’ve collected a set, you win a prize – the rarer that set is (that is, when fewer parts are made), the better the giveaway will be.

For example, you needed the notoriously tough dark blue properties to get the top £ 100,000 cash prize in 2019.

Customers can find the tokens on qualified McDonald’s products – so keep an eye on your Maccies packaging when you play along.

There are three different types of pawns – instant win, online play, and real estate sets

“Instant Wins” can be redeemed immediately – but mostly for smaller prizes such as food like apple pie and Big Macs.

This year, McDonald’s is urging people to ignore the dates on the game pieces as it reuses around 200 million stickers that were already printed and dated before the game was canceled.

To reduce waste, McDonald’s has repurposed this packaging with the outdated game pieces.

You can check the figures on the McDonald’s website so you don’t miss a prize.

McDonald’s started its first Monopoly promotion in 2005. You must be over 16 years of age to play.

McDonald’s Monopoly winnings list complete

Instantly win / collect game prizes to win the game:

  • £ 100,000 cash
  • Ibiza villa or UK getaway
  • Spend £ 1,000 on home entertainment provided by AO.COM
  • Lay-Z-Spa® whirlpool provided by Lay-Z-Spa
  • Choose a phone with a 1-year Sky Mobile plan
  • Missguided or Mennace £ 500 shopping
  • A relaxing or adventurous experience provided by buyagift
  • £ 100 JD Gift Card provided by JD Sports N / A 1,500
  • McDonald’s Medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavor Wrap Meal
  • £ 1,000 cash
  • McDonald’s Gold Card
  • 50 inch 4K Hisense Roku TV
  • Urbanears wireless headphones
  • Prezzybox voucher worth € 100
  • £ 100 One4all Gift Card provided by The Gift Voucher Shop
  • € 50 gift card provided by JD Sports
  • Limited edition beauty box provided by
  • HYPE sunglasses provided by HYPE
  • € 30 Missguided or Mennace voucher
  • Inflatable float provided by Bestway
  • Hype backpack provided by Hype
  • JUICE portable power bank provided by JUICE
  • Personalized phone case provided by Wrappz
  • Limited edition of PopSockets PopGrip provided by PopSockets
  • Sky Store online voucher € 5.99

Prices for meal vouchers:

  • Big Mac® or Big Flavor Wrap
  • 6 Chicken McNuggets® or Double Cheeseburger
  • McFlurry® or fruit bag
  • Medium Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar or Medium Milkshake
  • Quarter Pounder ™ with cheese or McChicken® sandwich
  • Apple pie or fruit bag

Discount voucher prices:

  • 10% discount on AO.COM
  • 20% discount on Urbanears
  • 30% discount on Missguided or Mennace
  • 10 € discount on a gift
  • 12 premium retro photo prints provided by Photobox
  • Monthly Comedy Subscription powered by NextUp
  • 30% discount on mobile accessories from Juice
  • £ 5 off personalized phone case provided by Wrappz
  • £ 5 discount provided by
  • £ 4 off when you buy £ 10 on Just Eat food. output
  • 15% discount at provided by PopSockets
  • 15% discount on a Beauty Box from

Online game cash prizes:

  • € 100 cash
  • £ 50 cash
  • £ 20 cash
  • € 10 cash
  • £ 5 cash

Material prizes in the online game:

  • 1-day pass to the gym and 7 days of online classes from Hussle
  • NextUpMonthly Comedy Subscription
  • Great Magazines 3-month digital magazine provided by Bauer Media
  • CeX voucher worth £ 10
  • Great Magazines 1 Digital Magazine Edition courtesy of Bauer Media
  • 50% discount on the 1-day fitness pass from Hussle
  • Spend £ 15 or more for £ 5 off a meal order in the My McDonald’s app

Prices for digital meal vouchers:

  • Big Mac® or Big Flavor Wrap
  • 6 Chicken McNuggets® or Double Cheeseburgers
  • McFlurry®Or fruit bag
  • Small french fries or vegetable bag
  • Medium Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar or Medium Milkshake
  • Quarter pounder with cheese or McChicken® sandwich
  • Apple pie or fruit bag
  • Any Reg McCafé hot drink


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