Tiny apparel inventory that could be a huge manufacturing opportunity (PVH, FBCD, UA, TPR, AEO, TJX, GPS, URBN)


Of all the trends investors should be watching post-pandemic, the apparel industry could be one of the most interesting, as the transition back to normal life after a long period of absence involves more personal public appearances and social activities.

This is having a huge impact on fashion and apparel companies as people need to reorganize their closets, positioning the industry for outsized growth relative to other areas of the market.

People are also better off financially than they were before the pandemic, so the purchasing power of consumers is there to meet that need. In fact, according to NPR.com, Americans have amassed $2.7 trillion in excess savings during the pandemic, even as inflation rates hit record highs (1).

This is particularly true for wealthier consumers (2).

With both the need and the funds there, investors should consider apparel(3) stocks like PVH Corp. (NYSE:PVH), Under Armor Inc. Cl C (NYSE:UA) and Tapestry Pay Special Attention Inc. (NYSE:TPR), American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (NYSE:AEO), TJX Cos. (NYSE:TJX), Gap Inc. (NYSE:GPS) and Urban Outfitters Inc. (Nasdaq:URBN). (4)

However, one small-cap name in the space might deserve a deeper look as it seems to be emerging as a new prospect without much crowd interest anymore: FBC Holding Inc. (OTC US:FBCD).

FBCD is truly focused on its primary brand, Formrunner Apparel Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FBC Holding, Inc. Formrunner Apparel Inc. carries a variety of premium streetwear & accessories based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. (5)

Formrunner can be viewed and purchased on the company’s website at www.formrunnerapparel.com.

FBC Holding Inc. (OTC US:FBCD) is a small but emerging apparel brand dedicated to individual identity and expression.

The company recently announced that it would like to establish a brand ambassador as a potential outlet to expand the apparel line and build a better reputation around the world.

According to its publication, the company has been working diligently to break into the entertainment/music industry through multiple connections and relationships with major hip-hop and rap artists.

In other words, we might not have to wait too long for the real news that could potentially be a major catalyst for FBCD stocks.

As the company notes, the apparel market includes all types of clothing, from sportswear to business attire, from budget clothing to statement luxury pieces. After difficulties in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, when sales slumped across the apparel industry, global demand for clothing and footwear is expected to pick up again.

Lisa Nelson, CEO and President of FBC Holding Inc. (OTC US:FBCD) stated, “Having a brand ambassador to represent our apparel line will result in Formrunner Apparel realizing its true potential, along with explosive revenue and Awareness… In 2022, brand ambassadors are the most powerful way to strengthen a brand. Brand ambassadors bring the human touch to marketing campaigns. The more people get to know a brand, the more likely they are to buy. They can also help build positive online ratings and comments that impact the way potential customers view products.” (6)

FBCD shares are more than oversold. The stock is down sharply year-on-year (7). The RSI has dropped as low as 23 during the decline and is still near 30 on the weekly chart, which technicians generally view as an oversold bullish signal (8). If major news linking the Formrunner brand to a major entertainment influencer hits the stock in this severely oversold state, things could get very interesting very quickly.


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