How does money affect people’s relationships?

Money is essentially a means of payment. Nowadays, money comes in many forms, from special paper banknotes, metal coins, and digital formats, such as electronic bank card or internet banking.

Money is essentially a means of payment

Money is also the energy that can be used to obtain different products ( both goods and services ) and to change the way things are done, for example by donating to charity. Of course, money donated to charity is also used in products, such as medicines, medical treatments, food, housing, etc., but in this case money gives energy in the form of capacity to act.

Money is also power. Not for nothing has there been a correlation at all times that the more money, the more power. This correlation is vividly demonstrated, for example, by the medieval kings and the modern oligarchs. Someone may object and say the opposite – the more power, the more money. This is also true because, as we know, for example, in the business world, the principle is – the higher the position, the higher the salary. It is logical that a higher position gives more privilege and hence power.
As you can see, money is more than just a definite piece of paper. Money has always affected people not only financially but also socially and emotionally since its existence.

As already mentioned, the amount of money a person owns determines their status and status in society, for example, one who has little money is considered poor, and one who has a lot of money is considered rich. These social situations, in turn, offer certain opportunities in life because, as we know, in today’s world, everything has to be paid for, so the more money people have, the more opportunities and capabilities they have. Social status, on the other hand, confers further privileges – power, influence and meaning, already mentioned, only in society.

More money a person has, the more they can fulfill their desires and needs

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Of course, money also affects a person’s emotional side. It is logical that the more money a person has, the more they can fulfill their desires and needs . It makes a person happy or even happy. But if a person does not have the money, he cannot make himself happy by satisfying even his most basic desires and needs. This lack of capacity makes a person unhappy, frustrated, annoyed, sad, etc. It is logical that such a person will not understand or conflict with other people, or simply cause natural dislike to others, because it is known that negative people in society are unwittingly rejected. Again, in this context, it is important to remember that money is energy – it gives a person energy and the ability to act, that is, to fulfill their desires and needs to the full. The energy of money makes a person satisfied, happy, harmonious, and thus pleasing to other people, even if that energy has not made them conceited, proud and brave.

When it comes to the impact of money on relationships, special mention should be made of living together. This is the area where, in most cases, money causes conflicts. A typical example is when a woman earns more than a man. The consequences of such a situation are unimaginable and emotionally profound. The woman is not affected by this situation, but the pride of the man suffers. In men’s view, money has always been a form of self-expression, and so the male-female relationship feels psychologically comfortable only if it has more money energy and power. Otherwise, the man starts to feel “teeny on black” because he is deprived of both energy and power. In such situations, the man begins to prove and compensate for the existence of his own energy and power, trying to become superior to the woman at the energy level. Unfortunately, most often, this rivalry ends with the sidekicks trying to prove their manhood, or divorce, because naturally a man cannot withstand this tension. In order to avoid the negative impact of money on partnerships, experience has shown that men need to be constantly earning more money.

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