Basis aims for 20% cash incentives for IT exports


The Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (base) recently asked the government to provide a 20 percent cash incentive for exporting information and technology (IT) services.

“The government is offering a 10% cash incentive to boost exports in the IT sector, but we urge them to reach 20%,” said grassroots president Syed Almas Kabir on Wednesday during a press conference highlighting the upcoming grassroots outsourcing Award 2021.

Kabir said the government has set a goal of increasing export revenue in the IT sector to $ 5 billion by 2025. To make this possible, Basis is working closely with the government to open up new markets.

To expand the market, public-private initiatives need to be stepped up to make room for new innovations. Particular attention should also be paid to capacity building, he added.

Highlighting various initiatives to build capacity at Basis, Kabir said Basis has trained around 25,000 people as part of the Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP).

“We also opened a training institute in Chattogram. But I think if universities were to include IT-related topics in their curriculum, that would be helpful too, ”he added.

Kabir said the technological services that Bangladesh is currently successfully using to implement a digital Bangladesh could be exported to other countries, but the government must cooperate on the matter.

Basis for hosting the Outsourcing Award in November

This year’s Basis Outsourcing Award 2021 is the seventh occasion of the organization.

Rashad Kabir, director of the base and convener of the Base Outsourcing Award 2021, said the free registration will start on Thursday and last until November 11th. After the demonstration, around 100 people will receive the award by the end of November.

Farhana A Rahman, senior vice president of Base, said the award is designed to recognize freelancers from across the country.

“We want to encourage these people [freelancers] to emerge as an entrepreneur, “added Rahman.

Mushfiqur Rahman, Vice President (Finance), Basis, and Md Zia Arefin, Executive Vice President, Bank Asia, also spoke at the press conference.

Bank Asia is platinum sponsor of the Basis Outsourcing Awards this year. The ICT Business Promotional Council and MasterCard Bangladesh also work together.


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